Shailee’s Cake Journey: My Origin Story

From a young age, I have always loved to bake

I have distinct memories of whipping up a batch of cupcakes at home or frosting them with the back of a spoon with my mom. Working with her in the kitchen was always exciting and fun. I loved to see what new things we would be making.

Soon, I started to bake more on my own.

I was keen on coming up with recipes and baking on my own, using skills I developed with my mom and learning some on my own along the way. It took some convincing, but soon as used the kitchen as my vessel of exploration and creativity, bring my recipes and decoration designs to life. It was challenging at first when recipes didn’t work out and things didn’t go as planned, but over time a learned and developed a deep love for baking cakes.

Practice, practice, practice to make perfect

After many trials and errors, I picked up my feet and started to run. I learned quickly, how ingredients work, and how I can develop my own recipes, and how to make a whole cake. Through YouTube videos and lots of practice, I started making more complex and intricate cakes. It was this persistence and passion that led me to my first order! I was beyond excited, and for the first time truly understood how I had successfully turned my passion into a skill. Although it would have been unbelievable to me at a younger age, the constant practice led me to more orders and a running small-scale cake business! I now make personalized cakes for bay area locals, hoping to make events a little more fun and to bring out some smiles.